3 machines in 1

With strong growth in the batched on site sector in recent years, we have witnessed innovation in mobile batching plant technology in the UK and throughout the world. Now, through IHS Pumps, machinery is being made available that provides the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle – a new innovation that means you don’t need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore.

The most important thing to note about IHS Pumps technology is that it is not a volumetric mixer. The hydraulic machine carries an on-board computer that electronically weighs every ingredient, producing a printed ticket for each batch. This provides a level of consistency that goes far beyond the capabilities of standard volumetric mixers and delivers the most accurate strength of mix in the sector today.



Where innovation really thrives is through the addition of an on-board concrete pump. Through an on-board line, materials can be pumped in from up to 80m away, reducing the historic headaches associated with barrowing, mini-dumpers, and so on. The machine also comes with an on-board boom option, and at less than 12 metres in length, the nimble chassis is capable of getting concrete to almost any location.

“The three things we concentrate on are quality, innovation, and customer service,” says Gary Lansley, Sales Director for IHS Pumps. “Batched on site concrete has become increasingly popular in recent years, often offering greater flexibility than other industry alternatives. By integrating the pump directly into the truck, operators can save their customers time, hassle, and expense, and provide all the services they need from a single machine.” 

The trucks are manufactured at a special facility in Sheffield, UK, and are now being rolled out to operators across the continent and to the wider world.  

“Can't beat a fantastic piece of engineering so check out these 5 axle rigids. Fitted with our FM cab with a 410bhp engine with a few optional extras for our customer, the kit on the back is a wonderful piece of engineering. We have supplied plenty of these over the years and we have a few more left this year - you can’t appreciate the level of engineering until you see it in person!”
— Jonathan Kerr, Volvo