3 machines in 1

IHS Pumps designs and builds a revolutionary new form of Concrete Pumping Truck, capable of the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle. This greatly reduces the hassle and costs traditionally associated with mix on site services, and means customers don’t need to hire a separate pump anymore! Combining the muscle of hydraulics with the advanced technology of electronics, our All-in-One machines carry an on-board computer that digitally weights every single ingredient going into the mix, making them greatly superior to traditional volumetric trucks.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered from our 18,000 sq ft factory in Sheffield, UK, the company offers machinery for purchase in the international market, and exports vehicles to mobile batching plant operators around the world. In 2018 we were shortlisted for an Intermat Innovation Award, and over the past three years have manufactured and repurposed a range of new and used trucks for sale.  

working with mixamate

IHS technology powers the fleet of Mixamate, the UK’s leading provider of mix on site Concrete & Screed. Their unique All-in-One Concrete and Screed Pumping Trucks are capable of the delivery, mixing, and pumping of materials from a single vehicle, an evolution that has removed the need for hiring a separate concrete pump and greatly advanced the traditional process associated with the mix on site sector.

“Can't beat a fantastic piece of engineering so check out these 5 axle rigids. Fitted with our FM cab with a 410bhp engine with a few optional extras for our customer, the kit on the back is a wonderful piece of engineering. We have supplied plenty of these over the years and we have a few more left this year - you can’t appreciate the level of engineering until you see it in person!”
— Jonathan Kerr, Volvo