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IHS Pumps specialises in the design, manufacture, and sale of unique All-in-One Concrete Pumping Trucks, which offer the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle - meaning your customers don’t need to hire a separate pump anymore! We also pride ourselves on our industry expertise and customer service, and provide experienced consultancy to help you implement this new technology in your marketplace, whatever your international region.

IHS Pumps most popular models include:



Weighing 44 tonnes, the 3-axle trailer unit runs on a 20-bar operating system and can pump up to 80m horizontal. Producing 10m3 per hour, the machine is capable of delivering, mixing, and pumping, and also carries an on-board lightweight 40-bar rubber delivery line.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 16.09.32.png


Our 4-axle trailer is the largest available and measures a total of up to 7-axles including cab. Weighing 56 tonnes, this machine can produce 14m3 per delivery and is the model that is currently in service in Denmark. Again, as with the 3 and 4 axle models, the 5-axle provides the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single machine.



Our 5-axle rigid unit weighs 44 tonnes and runs on a 20-bar operating system. Producing 10m3 per delivery, the machine carries a lightweight 40-bar rubber delivery hose and is capable of pumping up to 80m away.



In addition to brand new trucks, IHS Pumps also offers quality used vehicles at competitive prices, both of the traditional and the on-board pumping variety. Please contact us today to find a machine that meets your business needs.

“Can't beat a fantastic piece of engineering so check out these 5 axle rigids. Fitted with our FM cab with a 410bhp engine with a few optional extras for our customer, the kit on the back is a wonderful piece of engineering. We have supplied plenty of these over the years and we have a few more left this year - you can’t appreciate the level of engineering until you see it in person!”
— Jonathan Kerr, Volvo